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Payment Options

We’re all at different stages of knowledge and use when it comes to Web3 and NFTs. Whichever you choose, you’ll get practical knowledge and real world business consultation.



Single Course

If you are not ready to take a deep dive into the depths of Web3 integration, but understand that in business ignorance is not bliss.


This course will help you set your own rules of engagement for Web3 without any hardcore business commitments or changes.

This course prepares your mindset for Web3 by teaching key skills like community building through virtual networking, accessing high level investors online, successful virtual event hosting, collaborating effectively with an integrated business and ways to passively access money in Web3.


NFT Integration: Generational Wealth Building

Single Course

If you are among the many that believe that Web3 integration is inevitable and are prepared to take a dive into the rabbit whole that is NFT Integration for your business.


This course addresses the types of NFT projects you can construct regardless of industry, NFT Platform launching vs Website project launching, NFT Business integration methods, NFT project Deployment Methods, Integrating Utility the Correct way; Roadmapping Responsibly, and Tokenizing affiliate programs while observing customer safety.


regular $20,000 value!

Journey Learning



Ways to build generational wealth are always changing, especially with the advent of Web3. The Journey learning subscription keeps you up to date on how to adapt your brand to the dynamic digital world forming around you by offering:


  • 2 Two-hour 1on1 Virtual Meetings per month to assist your brand with translating your Ethos to Equity and Integrating NFT’s for wealth building.
  • Exclusive Access to a page where you will see live updates in Web 3 including a safe way to hear about upcoming NFT projects, participate in collaborative discussions, and get to post your wins to document your learning journey.

Exclusive NFT airdrops to wallet and automatic whitelisting for particular NFT projects.


regular $10,000 value

Jump Start Meeting

High-Level Meeting

Are you well-versed on the concept of Web3 and NFTs, but puzzled at personal brand integration or how to approach wealth building potential? Got you Covered. With a Jump start meeting you’ll gain access to:


  • One 1on1 three-hour Virtual Meeting where we discuss your brand goals, various Web3 integration strategies, Key items to take into consideration when integrating your brand into Web3 and implementation possibilities for your business.
  • The  recorded meeting playback for your records.
  • Follow-up 3-day “A question a day keeps confusion away” access: custom link provided to ensure that  you don’t miss a step post meeting.
  • BONUS: Free customer onboarding handout & One NFT Airdrop for your personal wallet.


regular $50,000 value!


In-Person Consult

Come spend the day experiencing firsthand how your Ethos determines your trajectory and directly equates to brand equity. I will show you how to best integrate Web3 networking & wealth building into your brand’s daily schedule and with tips to live the life that you are aiming for right now!


  • Round trip airfare within the 50 states to VIP Day Destination
  • Hotel or Airbnb for 1-night stay
  • Meal accommodations for VIP day
  • Learning Journal
  • Memories (priceless)

Custom 1/1 NFT Airdrop

Give your business the edge