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Photo of Laurisha Fant Laurisha Fant Executive Director & Consultant

Laurisha Fant is a Black woman, Visionary, and the Executive Director of Black Women Network (BWN). Her life is centered around helping others succeed and education as a lifestyle. BWN personifies those beliefs as it is a nonprofit dedicated to promoting collaborative entrepreneurial thinking, expanding equitable funding access, conducting overall wellness coaching and increasing knowledge of high-growth industries for Black women entrepreneurs & professionals.

Laurisha fulfills her role as Executive Director by facilitating engaging programming, encouraging collaboration, and forming valuable partnerships for Black Women Network. In addition to her duties as an Executive Director, Laurisha enjoys consulting others regarding real estate investment, career direction, home buying preparation, interior design and best business practices.

Photo of Yolanda Mukombe Yolanda Mukombe Equity & Inclusion Consultant

Yolanda G. Mukombe is on a mission to empower women, families and communities to achieve economic empowerment through access and equity. She has served for nine years as a financial services professional and uses her education and experiences to help others navigate financial systems and build economic resiliency starting at home.

She has served in financial capacity for many non-profit and service organizations for over eight years. Yolanda is an economic development advocate and the Founder of “Can We BEE?,” an initiative focused on building economic equity in under-resourced and underserved communities. Birthed from her own financial insecurity and financial trauma, the focus is helping underserved communities heal from financial trauma, address financial insecurity and develop a positive relationship with money.

Photo of Ericka Neville Ericka Neville Financial Coach & Advisor

Ericka Neville is a Licensed Financial Coach and Advisor who is dedicated to encouraging, empowering, and enriching the lives of women.

As a single mom, Ericka learned first-hand the importance of a woman investing in herself. After a 5-figure decision to invest in her man’s dream, she was forced into bankruptcy after his untimely death. She not only had to repair her credit, but her self-worth.

By nature, we as women tend to take care of others before ourselves, so Ericka encourages women to put on their “financial” oxygen mask and breathe life into/invest into themselves first.

Photo of Cheyenne Nicholson Cheyenne Nicholson Founder and Lead Career and Education Coach

Cheyenne Nicholson is both the Founder and Lead Career and Education Coach of
Tina’s Cousin Career and Educational Services. Tina’s Cousin is an organization that provides
educational advocacy and career training services to people and businesses to assist in the
advancement of their educational and career endeavors. For Cheyenne, her clients are like
family. She and her team have assisted over 200 clients in achieving goals such as desired job
placements, small business creation, enrolling/returning/remaining in school, and standardized
test preparation.

Cheyenne grew up in Philadelphia, PA and is the eldest of 5 children. She spent her
childhood charming her peers with her sense of humor, love of knowledge, and ability to teach.
Cheyenne has long lived by the motto, “Dare to be excellent” and her work continues to inspire
others to do the same. She worked as a tutor from the age of 12 and quickly discovered her
ability to change her teaching style to cater to the educational needs of each individual tutee.
With a full resume and recommendation list, she headed off to college after recognizing the
value of networking during a high school economics class.

Afterwards, Cheyenne relocated to the Greater Richmond Area in Virginia where she quickly realized that the world was much larger than she imagined and her love for people grew all the more. She worked full-time as a Case Manager for the Virginia Department of Social Services for 5 years where she assisted clients with career related services while she attended school part-time until she received her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.

Cheyenne combined her ability to problem solve, educate, and relate well to others when she made Tina’s Cousin official and licensed her business in 2017. Tina’s Cousin’s clientele base grew via word of mouth and before Cheyenne realized it, she and her team were invited to participate in career fairs, lead education workshops, and create brochure/reading materials for interested parties.

In 2019, Tina’s Cousin Career and Educational Services rebranded as fully virtual which allowed them to market their services nationwide. Cheyenne can be reached via the contact form on their website or by email directly.

Tina’s Cousin Career and Educational Services now offer:
● Resume/Cover Letter writing services and Workshops
● Standardized Test Preparation Material and Workshops
● Job Coaching and Interview Preparation
● Career and Education Individual Process Guidance
● Board Training
● Tutoring

Photo of Kecia Willis Kecia Willis Founder & Advocacy Program Director

Kecia M. Willis is a native Ohioan, a caring mother, a distinguished scholar, an engaged evangelist and a driven community advocate.

Her purposed, community-focused background includes over 15 years of family, teen, and trauma relief advocacy; another nine years of serving her community in the dental field and aiding countless church members where she served.

Kecia is also the Founder & Program Director of Safe Haven Heritage, Incorporated—a non-profit organization in Cincinnati, Ohio.
A former marital abuse victim herself, Kecia’s passion for Safe Haven Heritage Inc.’s mission is personal. She is striving to facilitate a safe, healing and hopeful environment for at-risk labeled abuse victims by using family-centered programs and support services to promote self-confidence, emotional wellness, and independent living in Cincinnati and surrounding areas.

Safe Haven Heritage Inc.’s ultimate goal is that their community-driven programming will cause families to become emotionally restored and well-rounded individuals ready to excel in any feats that they may choose in the future.

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