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About Us

The nonprofit, Black Women Network (BWN), is not about an infatuation for Black women—though we are awesome.

It is about giving voice to the facts. Black women begin the most small businesses, and those businesses are located in various communities of different ethnicities.

Yet Black women receive the least amount of funding in the US.



The Mission

Black Women Network (BWN) is a 501(c)(3)nonprofit dedicated to promoting collaborative entrepreneurial thinking, holistic wellness, expanding equitable funding access and increasing knowledge of high-growth industries.

A Little Background Info

Targeting Inequity in Black Women Business Funding as an Investment Opportunity

Black women are the most educated group in the US, so our shortage of funding is not attached to a lack of education.

It is proven that when Black businesses are invested in, they create more change for the economy compared to other groups who currently have the majority of investment.

However, most of these small businesses are working from profit alone and this makes it impossible to scale properly and to employ others.

There is untapped potential for investment in your community.

The facts are clear.

And after meeting with bank after bank and group after group; which all have funneled money for Black women to other groups by saying it would still “affect Black women overall”, BWN had to be formed.

A National Mission for a National Problem

When you hold back a people, we are ALL held back—our communities are without proper resources, there are business droughts due to closures and certain ideas don’t even come into fruition that can enrich a city and create employment.

That is why Black Women Network exists. It IS NOT a faction to promote black excellence or feminism—we exist because it MAKES SENSE and these businesses are already doing the work successfully and deserve the investment.

P.S. – Black Women Network is also not missing a possessive ( ‘s ). Black Women Network is a declarative statement for what we do to create change around us—we network.

What Are BWN’s Goals?


Provide Black Women Entrepreneurs equitable funding access through grants, partnerships, and venture capital

Tech Adoption

Offer professional development in high-growth areas such as STEM and NFTs/Blockchain


Provide a safe, collaborative networking space for Black women Entrepreneurs that transcends borders and sparks think tanks and community-enriching change worldwide


Facilitate networking events to assist Black women entrepreneurs in expanding their businesses through workforce development


Become a notable Black research institution specializing in the Black community, Black women, and equality


Positively affect the next generation through consulting on inclusiveness, entrepreneurial thinking, workforce enrichment, and holistic self care

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