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Black Women Network

Invest in Black Women Entrepreneurs

BWN is a collaborative virtual space to network, seek entrepreneurial support & receive equitable access to financial capital.

Educated and underfunded; It’s kind of a BIG deal.


Black women entrepreneurs currently receive less than .3% of venture capital funding. When it comes to the future economic prosperity of the country, we only need look to our neighbor and what she’s already accomplishing and invest in her and her business(es).

Your Business. Our Priority.

Grow Your Business Capital With Our Unique Model

Black Women Network is a nonprofit dedicated to the success and funding of Black Women Entrepreneurs.

Our Services

Getting Started

Visualize and realize what it takes to start your next business. Your idea just needs the official spark.

Entrepreneur Network

Connect with like-minded individuals and businesses that can be both a support group and venture opportunities

Funding Procurement

Gain access to funding that directly supports existing and new business Black women own and operate.

Mentorship & Consultation

Receive information and help in measuring what success means for you and your business.

Empowerment is just a decision away

Black women are equipped to present new, creative solutions to everyday needs that only need be supported financially by small and large investors alike.

Some of the numbers, for your context..



The percentage of Black women starting or running a new business; more than any other group in the United States.


The percentage Black women make less than white males in  respective fields. This also contributes to only 3% of said businesses maturing.


The percentage Black women make up of Black people receiving postsecondary degrees, more than any other group in the United States.

“Black Women Deserve Effortless, Equitable Business Funding.

Laurisha Fant

Executive Director

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